Built Up Roofing (BUR)

What Makes Built Up Roofing a Reliable, Quality Standard?

Asphalt is one of the oldest roofing technologies still in use today and it is a reliable solution for commercial roofing needs. Asphalt roofing uses asphalt as a waterproofing membrane. Commercial asphalt roofing systems consist of two or more waterproofing layers. The layering provides your building’s roof with durable waterproofing protection.


Our BUR System Installation Process

Hot Mopped

This is one of the oldest application processes that’s still used today. Asphalt is melted and spread on the roof with mops.

Heat Welded or Torched
Using a torch, the asphalt is melted on the underside of the membrane. This causes the membrane sheet to fix itself to the material below it.
Cold Application
A liquid adhesive is used to attach the roofing membrane to the material below it.
Self Adhesive Application
This popular installation method involves rolling out a membrane then peeling the film backing off allowing it to stick to the material below it. This method is popular because it’s so much faster and there’s no foul odors involved.
The BUR roofing system applies layers of asphalt and ply sheets to the base sheet until the desired thickness is achieved.  Once finished the whole roof is topped off with a cap sheet or a layer of gravel. 

Why Use a Commercial Built-Up Roof


BUR (Built-Up Roof) is a commercial roofing system that has been used for over 100 years and is tried and true. The layered application  result in increased protection against damage and leaks. Built-up roofs have shown to provide excellent waterproofing and UV ray protection. The aggregate top layer also provide a fire-resistance element to the system. Built-up roofing is generally low-maintenance and in turn the maintenance costs are low over the useful life of the roof. The multi-ply construction gives you peace of mind that this roof system is durable.

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