Commercial Roof Replacement Dallas Tx

Replacing Your Commercial Roof

When the time comes to replace your commercial roof due to damage or age, you may find yourself focusing on the financial burden of the replacement. While you may not realize it, there are actually several reasons why your investment in a new roof can save your company money in the long run. Here’s what you may gain by choosing a new roof installation for your building. 

Boost Energy Efficiency

Installing a new roof made from high-quality materials should save your company money on energy costs. There are several energy-efficient roofing materials available that can reflect solar energy away from the roof or provide a higher rate of insulation. The new roof will have fresh seals that will be more efficient at keeping the climate of the interior of the building more stable by keeping the air in and the heat and cold out. These types of roofing materials will allow you to keep money that was used to pay heating and cooling bills in the past because less air will escape through the roof. Another added bonus is you’ll increase customer and employee satisfaction by keeping them comfortably cool in the summers and warm in the winters.    

Avert Repairs

Continuously making repairs to your roof adds up fast and at the end of the day, it may simply make financial sense to replace the worn roof. Additionally, avoiding a necessary replacement can result in leaks and damage to the interior of your building and it’s contents. If your commercial roof is showing obvious indications of deterioration or damage, it may be in your best interest to consult with a commercial roofing contractor. When it’s time to replace your roof, don’t trust just anybody.  KSI is your best choice for commercial roofing in Dallas.


Does your commercial roof really need replacement?

Roof replacement is a major undertaking. Fortunately replacement is not always necessary. Our Dallas commercial roofing company, KSI, provides a whole host of other roofing services that can help bring your roof to optimal functioning condition, including restoration, recovering, coating, and repairs. A roof recovering is suitable for leaky roofs that can support a second layer and do not have extensive water damage. Restoration is an even more cost-effective solution with remarkable results that lets you repair your roof while improving its energy-efficiency and durability. The restoration process is as simple as adding a silicon layer over the existing roof, which boosts water-resistance and protection from the elements. Repairs are more targeted solutions, in which our Dallas commercial roofing team of roofing experts will assess your roof and identify the best repair options for your building.

When is roof replacement the only solution?

In case your roof is nearing the end of its life span- The roof repair solutions highlighted above are only suitable for relatively new roofs that have mild forms of damage. However, the older your roof is, the more serious its wear and tear. Depending on your specific roofing system and if your roof is more than 20 years old and has had more than its fair share of repairs, it may be time to call a commercial roof replacement Dallas TX contractor to install a fresh, modern roofing system. Repairing your old roof will eventually become too expensive to sustain.

If an infrared test shows that your roofing membrane has more than 25% water saturation- If you have a rubber membrane roof, the first sign that it needs urgent repair will be when water starts to enter the building. Water infiltration indicates that its seams may have failed, and water is quickly soaking into your insulation. Water inside your building means that you need a professional roof inspection using IR thermography to determine the extent of the damage. If the membrane saturation is under 25%, the soaked areas can be replaced, the seams resealed and strengthened and a silicon layer installed. However, a membrane saturation of over 25% will likely require you to have all the membrane and insulation replaced with a new system.

Serious water damage inside the building- If your building has a strong moldy smell, it is a sign of longstanding moisture, and there is mold growing inside your building. This smell is unpleasant, not to mention the serious effect mold and mildew can have on ones respiratory health. Another sign of severe water damage is peeling paint and dampness on the walls. You should also look for dampness and sagging on the ceiling; if you see multiple spots that are sagging and cold to the touch, you need a professional inspection and solution.

Loose or extensive blistering on roofing materials- If the membranes on your roof are starting to come apart, strengthening the seams may not be the best option, especially if you have had the seams done before. The roofing membranes are under a lot of strain due to strong winds, rain, and extreme temperature changes, and it is only a matter of time before their seams start to fail. Ignoring these loose materials will see a huge rise in your power bills due to poor reflectivity, extensive water damage, and structural integrity problems.  If the membranes have blisters (air or water pockets) that seem to have spread extensively on the roof, you may need to have the entire system replaced. Often, these blisters fill up with water from another spot, which mean the bubble is not  the likely source of the original problem.

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