Infrared Thermography

Send In The Drones!

Infrared Moisture Surveys utilize technologically advanced scanners to perform roofing inspections using specialized drones and handheld scanning devices. These scans give the property owner a clear and concise picture of any moisture lingering in their roofing system. With this information, KSI Commercial Roofing Dallas can accurately recommend a fact-based solution to correct our customers hidden roofing moisture problem. 

Targeted Roof Repair

Locating leak origination points on flat or low slope roofs can be tough. The point of the roofing defect and the spot where the water is actually leaking into the building are not always in close proximity to each other. Quite often, the roof defect is quite a long distance away from the actual leaks point of entry into the building. Infrared scans work by narrowing in on the likely leak points by creating an accurate image of the moisture content in the roof. Now the building owner can be certain about the repair process needed. Incorporating IR thermal roof scans into your preventative maintenance program is a great way to keep a close eye the integrity of your roof. Repairing issues small issues before they become large issues will limit the complexity and the cost of the needed repairs while also protecting the building structure, it’s contents and business operations.

Conditions For a Successful Inspection

Infrared surveys are most commonly used on flat and low slope roofs. The surface of the roof should be dry and reasonably clean. The ideal weather outside should be mostly sunny and warm during the day with a temperature drop of at least 10 degrees after the sun sets. During the day the sun heats both the roof surface and the moisture hidden beneath the surface. As the sun sets, the roof surface quickly cools, but the moisture beneath the surface retains the heat for a longer period. The infrared scanner detect this temperature difference and the data into a clearly defined image of any likely problem areas. KSI Commercial Roofing Dallas has the expertise to make the best use of infrared thermography. We ensure that the conditions are correct before starting the scanning process. If your roofer ignores these necessary conditions you could end up with a useless scan. Infrared photos and videos are an excellent tool to indicate likely issues however, it takes a trained eye to interpret the data so it is essential for a trained technician to verify the findings. Field verification can be completed by coring the roof as well as by using an impedance scanner. This type of device operates by sending a low-frequency electronic signal into the roofing material and measuring the strength of the current. We can test materials  up to a 4” depth utilizing this nondestructive method.

Ready To Try It?

The perfect way to know what’s really happening under your roof is to partner with a trusted and experienced roofing company. Building owners have been very happy with the clear solution planning that an infrared thermography scan has allowed without all the guess work. They appreciate the efficiency it provides. 

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