Dallas Commercial Roofing Services

Dallas Commercial Roofing Services

Quality commercial roofing is crucial to ensuring the safety and protection for your staff, equipment, and business assets, which is why you must not compromise. If you are looking for high-quality commercial roofing services, look no further than KSI Commercial Roofing Dallas. Our commercial roofing company provides quality local roofing services for all types of commercial buildings. Our roofing crews are well-trained and experienced to ensure excellent work. We only use premium quality roofing materials and equipment to ensure the project is a success, and your roof remains strong for decades to come.

Why Our Dallas Roofing Contractors Are The Top Choice

We have a strong reputation in Dallas

If you are looking for commercial roofing services in Dallas, you can rely on our company to deliver the most value for your money and excellent results. By choosing a local commercial roofing Dallas TX contractor like us, you can be confident that our work will meet all local and state regulations. 

Our commercial roofing Dallas TX company values communication

We understand the role that communication between contractors and clients plays in ensuring the success of any project. Nothing stalls a project or irritates customers faster than long hold times, voice prompts, or bad customer support. KSI Roofing is committed to keeping communication lines open for queries, clarifications, and suggestions regarding your roofing project. Our clients can consult with our customer service professionals regarding their contracts to ensure they get the information they need. Our Dallas commercial roofing company is responsive and customer-oriented, and we will be glad to hear your thoughts and give you frequent updates regarding your project as soon as you need them.

We provide free quotes

Our Dallas commercial roofing company promotes transparency by providing free quotes and written estimates. Our priority is to provide quality services rather than close a sale, making us a better, more reliable commercial roofing partner.

Services We Provide

Commercial roof installation

Installing a roof on commercial premises is a complex process, one that we are equipped to handle effectively and as swiftly as possible to minimize the impact of construction to your daily operations. We offer varying roofing solutions to fit your building types, requirements, features, and your budget. Our Dallas commercial roofers can help you determine the best roofing for your premises, determine the volume of materials and additional equipment and labor needed, and will be ready to get started as soon as possible. Different types of roofing require different processes, time, and resources. We’re here to guide you in making the best choice for your building.

Systems to choose from

Built-up roofing, commonly abbreviated as BUR, is essentially a tar and gravel roof. This roof is made by alternating layers of bitumen and roofing fabrics that reinforce the system, thus ‘building up’ the roof. This bitumen can be asphalt, cold tar, or a cold-applied adhesive, while the reinforcing fabrics or roof felts are reinforced with glass-fiber or inorganic mats. As soon as all the bitumen plies are installed, the roof system can be surfaced with mineral granules, gravel, glass fiber, or aluminum coatings. Our BUR roofing systems follow the NCRA and ASTM international standards for your roof’s safety and quality.

EPDM is a single-ply roofing material built from ethylene and propylene polymers, making it excellent if you want water resistance, flexibility, and durability. EPDM is also resistant to caustic agents like acids, drastic temperature changes, and fire-resistant, meaning that it slows down the progress of fires. EPDM is compatible with high foot traffic access. Its compatibility with polyiso insulation and available in white and black.  White offers superior resistance to the sun’s heat.

Metal roofing is a common choice for both residential and commercial buildings for the many options it offers. These include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, tin, galvanized steel, zinc, silicon, and steel alloys. Metal roofing provides your building with an attractive finish, long service life, durability, and fire resistance.

Modified bitumen is quite similar to BUR systems, with reinforced roofing fabrics being used as carriers for bitumen and later cut and fastened to rooftops in two-ply systems. Like BUR, modified bitumen offers stability, high tensile strength, and optimal safety, and is, therefore, a great choice for buildings with heavy foot traffic on the roof.

PVC is another common option for commercial building owners looking for a fire-resistant, robust, and weather-resistant roofing material. PVC will protect your building for years from strong winds and rainwater and is resistant to acids and other chemicals.

TPO roofing is among the most common commercial roofing materials, with many large buildings having the brilliant white material. Like EPDM, TPO is another single-ply roofing material, only differing from each other in chemical structure and energy efficiency. TPO membranes come in varying types and colors, and their sheets are adhered to the surface using a hot-air gun or bonding adhesive. TPO is rated class A for fire resistance and highly reflective of the sun’s heat, so it is a great choice for power-saving.

Commercial roof repair and replacement

Our company also offers reliable roof repair and replacement services. Our Dallas commercial roofers have a fast response time for any emergencies arising from severe roof damage. Call us today to fix your roof and restore your peace of mind at a cost-effective rate.

Our commercial roofing company is happy to hear from you and get details on your roofing project. Call our dedicated customer support desk today to determine whether our company is a perfect fit for the job and get additional details about our services.