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Repairing Your Commercial Roof

Roof problems come in many forms and levels of severity and are known to be a major cause of distress to building owners. A commercial building with a bad roof poses several risks to its occupants and assets inside. From irreversible damage to falls and electrical shocks, mold and mildew, and structural damage, a leaky roof can lead to massive losses, which is why you need to call our commercial roof repair Dallas professionals to fix it as soon as you notice any signs of trouble.

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Many people call upon professionals for their interior and exterior décor, and with roofs having a lifespan of over two decades, often they escape the attention of building owners. However, you need to get the best possible attention for your commercial building, which you can trust us to provide. We at KSI Roofing Dallas are ready to provide the best roof repair services to ensure your building’s longevity and the safety of your staff and assets within it. Below are just a few of the signs that your building’s roof requires urgent repairs:

Blisters or bubbles on the roof- Blisters are a common sign of trouble for buildings with rubber membrane roofs, and you need to call in a professional to inspect it as soon as possible. Blisters are a sign that your rubber membrane is of poor quality or a counterfeit of a reliable brand, or that your roof was installed poorly. These are a sign of moisture seeping in through the seams, then as soon as the water evaporates, air is left in the space, resulting in bubbles. These bubbles are not easy to troubleshoot, as the water may have come in from an invisible tear. They could very easily allow more water to seep through the roof and into your insulation and deck.

Sagging- A roof is always built to sustain its weight, and if your roof starts to buckle or sag, call our team to assess it professionally and determine the best way forward. A roof might buckle under the weight of slow-melting snow, moisture, or any heavy material you may have moved to the roof.

Gaps in the seams- Most roofing materials come in sheets that are joined together using hot air guns or adhesives. If the seams are not properly joined or as your roof ages, they may start to come apart. These gaps allow water to seep through and cause damage, and you need a professional to reinforce the seams and inspect the entire roof for other weak spots.

Rising energy bills- If your energy bills are rising and you cannot seem to find a reason for it, then the culprit could be your roof. A reliable roof should not only protect your building from rain but from the sun’s energy, and your roof may be losing its reflectivity due to old age or quality. Getting your roof assessed by a Commercial roofing Dallas contractor is the only way to be sure that your roof is not the problem.

Signs of moisture in the building- The most obvious sign of roof trouble is wetness on the ceiling, walls, and cabinets in the building. Watch out, especially for musty smells, which show that water has entered your insulation and mold is already growing in it. You may also hear dripping noises during rainfall, or bulging spots on your ceiling.

Clogged drains- You might find that the amount of water coming from your gutters is not proportional to that falling on the roof, and it might be because most of the water is entering your building or pooling on the roof. Standing pools of water on the roof are dangerous as they cause further deterioration of the materials.

What kinds of repair methods are available?

Rubber membrane roofs (TPO, EPDM), modified bitumen, and PVC roofs are patched up using reliable primers and patches so that water stops leaking. If the roof has a crack, our commercial roof repair Dallas teams will use a special glue to fix it. Larger sections will require an entire section of the membrane replaced. If the water saturation in the building is too extensive (over 25% according to IR thermography), the roof and insulation will need to be replaced.

We're Experience In All Repairs

Our commercial roofing Dallas crews have years of experience, excellent training, and the best equipment and tools to swiftly accomplish their work to minimize the disruption to your daily operations. If you encounter any of these damaged roof signs, call our customer support desk to obtain the assistance you need for peace of mind.