Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings: Increase Lifespan and Reduce Energy Costs

Roof Coatings are designed to extend the life of the existing structurally sound roof, while protecting it from damaging effects of the weather and the environment such as wind, water, and UV rays. KSI Commercial Roofing offers commercial roof coatings in a variety of applications such as acrylic, silicone and polyurethanes to meet the various roofing needs and budgets.


Commercial building owners can add a layer of protection onto their roof structure, successfully adding many more years of service to the existing roof while pushing back the high cost of a full roof replacement. 

The durable roof coatings retract and expand with the changing weather conditions and will not crack for many years. Reflective coatings are best for offering significant energy savings. This quality makes them environmentally friendly. Many of our customers who are keen on playing a critical role in reducing the global carbon footprint choose it over the other alternatives.

More Commercial Roof Coatings Benefits

Cost-Effective- Professional roofers apply roof coatings directly on top of existing commercial roofs. This is responsible for speeding up the time of installation, which in turn reduces the installation cost. Remember, the coating process is effective at restoring the roof’s value to its original condition but does not involve tearing off the existing roofing system. So, you get more for less. 

Sustainable- Dallas TX commercial roof coatings are renewable. If you want to boost the roof’s lifespan, enhance the waterproofing capabilities, and renew the reflectivity, you can re-coat your roofs after every 10+ years.

No Major Business Disruptions during Installation- The liquid roof coating systems have exceptional cost advantages as you do not have to close your business during installation. They have incredibly low odor and create minimal noise, which allows you to carry on with your everyday business activities. If you choose to install a new roof, you may be required to spend a few weeks on the task. Besides, due to the nature of the job, you have to close the business during this duration. Business owners who have the option to restore their low-slope roofs will save a lot of money and resources using this process.

Lower Electric Bills- Roof coatings reflect sunlight, and this ensures that the temperature of your building will remain incredibly low during the summer. As such, your HVAC systems will have less usage. In turn, you will spend a smaller amount of money on energy bills and your HVAC systems will last longer.

Types of Commercial Roof Coating

Acrylic Roof Coating- Acrylic roof coating is an affordable solution that is suitable for a variety of roof systems. It often provides the best value in most climates. We often use acrylic because it is UV resistant, easy to work with, and highly reflective. To maximize the service life, we apply coatings at least 50°F. We also apply them when the weather conditions are favorable. With proper application and maintenance, you will reap the benefits of this coating for years to come. 

Urethane Roof Coating- Urethane coating provides high abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance with the same liquid application process as the other coatings. It allows for great versatility of use while protecting a range of substrates from the effects of weathering and moisture intrusion. Urethane is ideal for both high foot traffic areas and are a great choice when potential hail damage is a concern.

Silicone Roof Coating-

Silicone coating provides a superior weatherproofing, UV protection, and biological growth reduction that is caused by ponding water. Silicone roof coatings last longer than standard acrylics increasing the time required between recoating. These products also tend to be used in high-moisture environments because of their fast-drying qualities.

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