Commercial Roof Recovering

Recovering a Commercial Roof

The roof is one of the most critical parts of your building. When it’s compromised, everything in the building is exposed to the elements and at risk for damage. Ignoring the signs of roof damage can prove costly. A roof that is not repaired in a timely manner can cause serious damage to the building as well as the property inside.  The cost of unexpected damage can be high.  Following scheduled maintenance and inspections can defininantly help prevent water infiltration but it is still possible that some damage can occur and remain unseen, only to reveal itself later. This is especially common among buildings with roofs that are approaching the end of their lifespan, when the decision of whether to replace or recover the roof will need to be made.

Recovering is one of the roofing services we at KSI Roofing provide. Our commercial roofing in Dallas TX location will create a recovering plan that will suit the current roof’s condition and restore the roof to an effective state, adding years to its useful life.

Why you should consider recovering your roof

It is cost-effective- replacing the roof will cost significantly more than recovering it.  The cost of removing and disposing of the existing roofing material will be much higher than recovering the roof.  Several factors should be considered prior to the decision to reroof or recover your roof.  The additional labor hours needed to reroof as well as the additional materials aren’t the only factors to think about but also the amount of lost revenue that may be incurred due to the disruption of regular business operations. With roof recovering, you will only buy the roofing material needed and hire the labor needed to install the material onto the existing roof, which is remarkably less costly than a roof replacement.

It is less involved- Should you choose to remove your existing roof, the personnel will remove the vapor barrier, roof deck, insulation, membrane, and flashing, which is time-consuming and disruptive. Roof recovering will be much faster and will not cause near the disruption to daily business operations.

It is eco-friendly- Consider all the materials that will be removed when removing the existing roof and will be sent to a landfill. These materials are known to be hazardous, with lasting effects on the environment. The more eco-friendly option would be to leave them all in place and place another membrane system on top.

When is roof recovering an option?

Despite its many advantages, roof recovering is not always an option. Our team of roofing experts will carry out a thorough assessment of your premises to determine whether it is suitable for a roof recover.

Recover options are not done on damaged substrates- The recover procedure’s success will only work if the substrate or roofing material underneath is in relatively good condition. If the deck, roof, or insulation is unsound or unstable, a roof recover must never be done. A complete replacement is the only option here.

Wetness- If you are noticing ponding on the roof it’s likely time to consider whether it’s time to repair, restore, or replace your commercial roof.  Water infiltration is the biggest cause of roof damage as well as damage to the understructure and the interior of the building and it’s contents.  If the interior of the building is wet, the moisture has infiltrated the roof and insulation and this could necessitate extensive repairs or even a full replacement if the moisture has been spreading throughout the substructure unimpeded. When you discover that material in the substructure are wet, it’s time to call a commercial roofer.  Our Dallas TX commercial roofing team can use IR thermography to find hidden, subtle signs of moisture in the insulation and substructure, which may be a sign of extensive damage that recovering cannot fix.

The condition of the deck- Before recovering the roof, the deck will need inspection to check for damage and moisture issues.

Roof recovery is an excellent option for building owners whose roofs have mild damage. It saves time, money, and reduces the risk of damage to other parts of the property. If you are looking for reliable roof recovering services, our commercial roofing Dallas TX company is here to provide you with unparalleled service. Our roofing staff has years of experience in recovering, repairing, installing, and replacing commercial roofs. We are your best choice for making the most of the roof you already have whenever possible. We’ll visit your premises and inspect your roof to determine the best course of action.

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