Dallas Commercial Roof Installation

Hire a Qualified Commercial Roofer To Install Your New Roof

KSI Commercial Roofing Dallas stays up to date on the best roofing methods and materials in the industry to ensure you get the best roof installation available. KSI’s highly skilled commercial roofing technicians will answer your questions and provide excellent guidance regarding what type of inspections and materials should be used for your roofing system based on your buildings specific needs and your budget. 

Type of Commercial Systems We Install

Single-ply Commercial Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin commonly known as TPO and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer  – EPDM are single-ply membranes. TPO and EPDM are rubber material that come in sheets and are installed using a hot air gun or adhesive tape. These membranes offer flexibility and durability. TPO is popular for it’s high reflectivity which results in greater energy efficiency and available in white, grey, tan and specialty colors. EPDM is available in white, which helps to deflect the sun’s heat and will likely help to lower energy costs and in black, which absorbs heat, which may lead to higher energy costs. The cost per square foot and lifespan of each is similar so the effective overall cost may be the deciding factor in the long run.

PVC Roofing

PVC, polyvinyl chloride is another choice in commercial roofing that is popular among commercial building owners.  It’s chosen for its durability and resistance to water and other elements. The seams in PVC roofs are remarkably strong and typically withstand strong winds. A PVC roof will protect your rooftop from the elements and due to its natural fire-resistant properties, it will slow down the progress of a structure fire.

Metal Roofing

If you are looking to create a roof with a unique finish, go for zinc, aluminum, galvanized steel, or even copper. Copper roofing, offers a remarkable brown tint that will get people talking about your building’s appearance. Metal roofing, in addition to its attractive curb appeal, is resistant to fires and offers up to 40 years of service.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

BUR is used on flat or low sloping roofs.  It is installed using a combination of layers of reinforcing fabric, adhesive, bitumen (asphalt), and stone or gravel. 

Modified Bitumen

This roofing system is similar to BUR. The roofing fabrics are cut and installed on the roof to act as carrier for the bitumen, which is added to the roof in 2-ply systems. Like BUR, modified bitumen offers a high tensile strength and flexibility that is reliable for high-traffic roofs.

Lasting Results

The roof is one of the most important parts, if not the most important part of your building. With a properly installed roofing system by KSI Commercial Roofing in Dallas you won’t have to worry about the effects of rain, wind, or the hot sun. Ensuring that your roof is installed by KSI Commercial Roofing, who are perhaps the top professionals in the industry, will greatly reduce the likelihood of costly roof repairs and loss of building contents that could occur with less than professional workmanship. If you own a commercial building, KSI is the best choice for your roofing Installation. KSI is a highly qualified company that stays up to date with State and Local building codes to ensure your project is built right. 

Communication is Key

We understand how frustrating uncooperative customer support can be. KSIs Commercial Roofers value excellent communication and customer support. We will always work to ensure our client’s satisfaction. Our customer-oriented approach to roofing welcomes your ideas, opinions, and questions and you will always come first throughout your entire project.  KSI will assess your project and guide you in selecting the best roofing material for your building to ensure the most value for your money.  We are ready to meet with you to discuss your project at your convenience so call us today for more information about our Commercial Roof Installation and repair services.