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How Hot Your Commercial Roof Really Gets In the Summer

As a business person, you can quickly get concerned when the temperature of your commercial facility climbs up by a few degrees. Why? The fluctuation has a direct impact on the safety of the commodities inside the building. In some cases, a slight increase in temperature can result in the damage of all your products.

To try to minimize the risk, many business owners buy air conditioners or cooling systems. They sometimes struggle to keep with the blazing heat. Since the temperature of various roofs varies, you need to have one that does not get overheated in the summer to minimize the risks.

Black Roof

If your roof is topped with black colored materials like rubber or tar, it will absorb and convert the sun’s radiation into heat. The roofs then release the heat into the atmosphere and inside the building. Due to the frequent expansion and contraction, black roofs hardly last in areas with high heat. This means that black roofs are the worst roofing solutions in the summer.

Black roofs can reach surface temperatures between 140 and 190 degrees. So, you may find it difficult to survive in your building if you have these roofs. Some of your items may also get damaged.

White Roof

Many types of membrane roofs, such as PVC, TPO, and EPDM fall under this category of roofs. They are perhaps the best option to use during the summer.

These roofing systems do the opposite of black roofs. Instead of absorbing the sun’s rays and converting them into heat, white roofs reflect the rays into the atmosphere. Due to this, the light does not become thermal, which makes the roof remain cool at all times? The temperature range can be 102 to 120 degrees.

Gravel Roof

Many contractors use the terms “gravel roofs” when referring to “built-up roofs.” They have layers of durable membranes made up of quality materials such as a star and gravel.

Gravel roofing is incredibly popular in flat roof applications. Many people are concerned that the tar layer can retain heat for long durations. But the truth is that gravel roofs are much cooler than black roofs. Their temperatures typically range from 125 to 140 degrees. Other than that, they transfer less of the heat to the indoor space.

Which Building Material Best Suits Your Business Needs?

White roofs are often the best solution in the summer. They stay at least 50 degrees cooler than the black ones. At the same time, the roofs remain approximately 30 degrees cooler than built-up roofs. So, if you want to save a lot of money during the summer, consider them. You may also find membrane roofs if you are pleased with how hot they can get in the summer.


For professional help or in-depth roof inspection, you should choose a licensed contractor near you. By doing this, you will be able to control how your commercial roof gets hot in the summer with ease and save a lot of money on cooling devices.

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